Consulting & Advisory

Through the years Brook has helped clients make measurable performance improvement with well-known consulting approaches (strategic planning, brand strategy, market analyses, organizational restructuring and transformation, knowledge management program development, etc). He brings substantial experience to the framing and shaping of problems-to-be-solved, and the development of actionable solutions for positive impact.

More recently, many of Brook’s projects have shifted towards more “strategic advising:” working with clients to develop their own internal consulting capability, and to shape the leadership within an organization to address its own performance challenges. In such projects Brook works less as a traditional consultant and more as a coach and virtual team leader with a client organization’s staff.

Brook is also frequently engaged by individual leaders as a personal executive coach. Brook’s focus here is to improve performance in tandem with developing clients’ career growth: helping leaders develop a strategy and greater personal effectiveness to make themselves and their organizations/networks more successful every year.



Follow core beliefs ingrained at McKinsey (integrity, client interests first, fact-based decisions, confidentiality, cost-effective and value-based engagement arrangements, partnership working model).

Capability and Impact, Not Just “Answers”

“Think implementation from Day 1,” working with clients to achieve actual performance results—not just deliver a report.

Collaboration and People Development

Trust in the power of teamwork to address any performance challenge; build other people’s skills and knowledge to build better solutions over time.

The Higher Good

Encourage a sense of meaningful purpose in the work for, and beyond, any consulting project.

Client Relationships

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