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Selected Favorites:

“Should Open Source Leaders Go Native?”, Jul. 7, 2015

“You Need a Community, Not a Network,”, Sep.15, 2014

“From the Judgment of Leadership to the Leadership of Judgment: The Fallacy of Heroic Decision Making,”  (with T.H. Davenport), Leader to Leader, Fall 2012, 26-32

“United Way: The Knowledge Solution,”  Inside Knowledge Magazine, March 2008 (cover story), 15-17

“Beyond Empowerment: Building a Company of Citizens,”  (with Josiah Ober), Harvard Business Review, January 2003

“What Makes Virtual Organizations Work”  (with Lynn Markus and Carol Agres), Sloan Management Review. Fall 2000, 13-26

“Strategy as if Knowledge Mattered”  (with Nathaniel Foote), Fast Company, March-April 1996

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