Judgment Calls

12 Stories of Big Decisions and the Teams That Got Them Right
(Harvard Business School Press, 2012. Co-authored with Thomas H. Davenport)
A narrative-based study of organizations that have successfully tapped their data assets, diverse perspectives, and deep knowledge to build a collective decision-making capability --so that the right decisions are made, and the entire organization profits.
* * *
“Integrating the lessons of twelve momentous decisions with a freshly imaginative perspective, Judgment Calls is a foundational contribution to the art and science of decision-making.”

A Company of Citizens

What the World’s First Democracy Teaches Leaders About Creating Great Organizations
(Harvard Business School Press, 2003. Co-authored with Josiah Ober)
A case study of classical Athenian democracy, but framed for its implications for any leader of today’s knowledge-based and networked organizations. The analysis helps the reader re-imagine how to achieve the elusive modern goal of aligning talented people with performance objectives.
*   *  *
“This brilliant little book isn’t just about building better companies but also about creating companies that are themselves better citizens in the larger global society.”

The Origins of Citizenship in Ancient Athens

(Princeton University Press, 1990 and 1997)
A pioneering synthesis of political and socio-economic history, coupled with pre-industrial anthropological comparisons, that uncovers the complex concept of membership in the ancient Athenian democratic polis—and with it, the origins of the classical state.
*   *  *
“A very thorough, intelligent investigation…a real contribution to the perennial debate on the Athenian way of life. I would recommend it strongly to all who are also interested in the orignis of our own society and our own brand of citizenship.”

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